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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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    Do you want to give back to your local community by representing indigent or other needy clients? Believe it or not, some states won't allow you to do so (e.g., if you are not locally-licensed, even though the rules permit to provide legal advice to your employer). And, even if a state does allow you to practice pro bono, you still need to keep in mind a whole host of ethical and practical issues, such as confidentiality and client loyalty, avoidance of conflicts and whether or not you should purchase malpractice insurance. Composed of in-house lawyers who have faced these challenges, this panel will explore current pro bono practice and ethics rules, how and where those rules are changing and what you can do to make sure you and your law department are in compliance.

  2. Program Materials

    Increasingly EU law (in particular EU consumer law) is being driven by a school of thought known as 'behavioural economics', which takes into account the behaviours of individuals when they are exercising choice. Regulators recognise that behavioural economics could have a profound impact on many of the most serious challenges facing policy makers today and increasingly see an opportunity for behavioural economics to support more specific issues like complexity, consumer inertia, marketing and the impact of communications to consumers. This session provides an overview of how behavioural economics is quickly becoming a "game changer" for the shape of regulation for time to come.

  3. Program Materials

    In-house counsel can take advantage of delays in the effective date of several key Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements to refine their health care strategies for 2014 and 2015. This program will focus on the ACA requirement that most employers provide all full-time employees (who average 30 or more hours per week) with health coverage that meets federal standards of affordability and minimum value. There is no “one-size-fits-all” compliance model for businesses. This presents both a compliance challenge and a strategic opportunity for in-house counsel. Our panelists will provide sophisticated information on how to take into account factors about your company — including its turnover rate, reliance on part-time employees, vulnerability to union organizing, use of staffing agencies, seasonal fluctuation and systems for tracking hours worked — in choosing a health plan design and coverage options. We will also cover how your company will deal with the new state-based insurance exchanges, as well as new rules on waiting periods and wellness programs. Panelists will answer specific questions on these new requirements and enforcement issues.


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